May 22nd 2017: Vintage Lingerie
Okay how many of you out there remember seeing your mother or grandmother dressed in the old style bra and panties? You have to admit, those items sure covered a lot of skin and just wasn't quite as sexy as the lingerie we wear today. So, I dedicate this set to all of those women that wore this vintage lingerie. In this photo set I am wearing old style bra and panty, nude hose and black heels.

May 1st 2017: On the Beach
This photo set was a spur of the moment shoot while I was vacationing in Jamaica. My husband and I were just out for a relaxing walk on the beach. Well it was suppose to have been that way. He saw this little beach spot with the rocks in the ocean and limbs off a tree hanging down, So of course we had to do some photos, And it was my day off to, as you tell by the little make up I have on and my messy hair. So now you have seen me as I really am.

March 27th 2017: Texas Girls Are Best
I can never say how much I love living in Texas and being a Texas girl. I wasn't born here, but I feel as though I have and always will be a Texas gal. I moved here 24 years ago and have loved it ever since. In this photo set I am on a ranch out in the hill country outside Fredericksburg, Texas. Even though I love living in the city, I also enjoy going out to the beautiful Texas hill country.